• 2015

      03 MAIN-BIZ

      04 Incheon SMBA Products mold Support

      05 Incheon SMBA Design Development Support
              Project (heating cabinet)

      06 Started sales of ECOMOM nursing bottle

  • 2014

      01 Acquired production and sales right for
              hair/beauty division of Donghwa system

      02 Supply agreement for sterilizers with Lotteria

      03 Supply agreement for deep fryer with CU
              convenience store (BGF retail)

      09 Supply agreement with KTKA

      10 Supply contracts for Hankook Kitchen ware Union

      11 The best Design Development Support
              Project in Incheon SMBA (Incheon Business
              Agency Award)
              138 thousand dollars exports
              (Can warmer: Russia)

  • 2013

      01 Exported about u$20,000 (Can warmer)

      03 Exported about u$20,000 (Can warmer)

      04 Exported about u$10,000 (Can warmer)

      08 Exported about u$100,000 (Can warmer)

      09 Produced and supplied oven exclusively for
              S&J churros

      10 Exported about u$10,000 (Can warmer)

  • 2012

      01 Certificate for ISO 14001:2004- Environment
              management system
              Certificate for ISO 9001:2008- Quality
              management system

      03 Registered patent for footwear sterilizer

      04 Safety certificate for electric cooker
              (electric deep fryer) (2800W)
              Safety certificate for electric sterilizer
              (35W and 50W)
              Exported about u$20,000 (Can warmer)
              Exported about u$80,000 (Can warmer).

    • 09 Certificate for exporter for certified country
              of origin by item (The director of Incheon

      11 OEM contract with Rinnai Korea (sterilizers)
              Exported about u$10,000 (Can warmer)

  • 2011

      01 Owned membership of Main Biz

      04 Registered design for footwear sterilizer

      06 Registered utility model for Cone pizza oven

      09 Registered utility model for kitchen knife

  • 2010

      03 OEM production for Dongyang Magic

      04 Safety certificate for electric oven

      06 Completed project for improvement of
              common environment and extended
              facilities for employee welfare

      11 Designated as clean company

  • 2009

      01 Registered utility model for heating cabinet
              for can beverage

      05 Recognized as management innovative
              medium-small enterprise
              Started producing and selling equipment for         footwear sterilization, deodorization, dry         and disinfection

      06 OEM production of heating cabinet for food

      11 OEM production of special heating cabinet
              exclusively for HIMO

      12 Exported about u$100,000 (Can warmer)

  • 2008

      03 Registered design for food cooking oven

      06 Qualified for registered company of Public
              Procurement Service

      07 Safety certificate for electric heating cabinet
              Company was registered for e-commercial
              on line marketing company

      08 OEM production of fermentation heating
              cabinet for bakery

    • 09 Patent registration for Cone pizza making
              Patent registration for cooking oven use in

      10 Production and sales of cone pizza oven

      11 Started can warmer export


      02 Safety certificate for electric sterilizer

      05 Safety certificate for electric oven

      12 Patented food cooking oven

  • 2006

      06 Moved to new plant in Gajwa-dong,Incheon

  • 2005

      01 Registered utility model for microphone
              sterilizing system

  • 2004

      11 Registered utility model for toothbrush
              sterilizing system

  • 2003

      03 Developed toothbrush sterilizer

  • 2001

      01 Registered utility model for ultrasonic
              cleaning equipment

      04 Developed conversion steam oven

      06 Developed multistage heating cabinet
              Insured PLI (100 million won)

  • 2000

      07 Separated Technology/Research center from
              Dongwha Eng. Co. / Completed CI

      08 Established NEOCO