• Do you have any certificate for anion function or can I check the function visibly?
  • Anion is not visible as it consists of particles in the air and anion module equipped in our product passed KC test.
    Please visit the data room of our homepage to find actual anion test result and video.
  • How can I find out the malfunction of anion?
  • Anion function sprays anion particles using anion module so visible checking and self-diagnosis are not possible. However, the life of anion module is semi-permanent and the module may not function in case voltage is not supplied to anion module. In other words, anion module itself will not cause malfunction unless power supply to functions such as PCB related drying, touch button,
    lamp and LED stops. In case you find outstandingly weakened deodorizing function comparing initial use of the product or unique smell of UV sterilization continues, contact our technician to find out whether anion function has any problem or not. (We need to collect the product to check if 12V voltage is supplied to anion module)
  • The shelf is too rusty. Or, is the shelf anti-corrosive?
  • The reason why the shelf is got rusted is because it contacted water for a long period of time or the coating on the surface was not covered partially when the shelf was produced. We replace the shelf free of charge in warranty period.
  • Won’t the front door be damaged during transportation?
  • The material of the door is polycarbonate plastic which has stronger hardness than general mirror door and acryl bar so you don’t have to worry about breaking.
     We will replace with new product in case of product damage or defect during transportation caused by forwarding company.
    However, change of the color you ordered will not be accepted.
  • What is service life of UV lamp?
  • UV lamp is similar to fluorescent so replacement cycle is flexible depending on the condition of use or frequency of use.
    It is recommended that the lamp should be replaced once in a year to keep strong sterilizing power.