• Where can I buy UV lamp and what kind of UV lamp should I buy?
  • You can buy it from electric/electronic item store or electrical item shop easily.
    UV lamp should be 4W lamp. You can buy it more conveniently and at lower price in on line shop.
     Any lamp that meets to 4W voltage is usable but we recommend Japanese (Sankyo) lamp for ECOMOM product as it varies depending on maker (smell, performance).
  • Can I use the product abroad?
  • Korean standard voltage supply is 220V/60Hz.
    Our product complies with the standard. You need to use transformer which meets the standard voltage of the country.
    Otherwise, we have to produce the product with new parts which meet to foreign voltage standard.
  • Does the product sterilize nursing bottle only?
  • No. ECOMOM nursing bottle sterilizer is multi-use sterilizer that sterilizes not only nursing bottle but also baby products,
    kitchen items and other small daily life items depending of growth speed of child.
  • Your product has fewer certificates than other products. Can I trust sterilizing power?
  • Our ECOMOM nursing bottle sterilizer has 99.9% of sterilizing power proved by KCL test and KC certificate.
    The two certificates are essential for electrical product for UV sterilization and other certificates are for marketing purpose and not for actual performance.
    Our product eradicates harmful bacteria such as colon bacillus, PA, staphylococcus, salmonella and other virus perfectly and performs second sterilization using anion module.
  • How can I replace the lamp?
  • Turn the lamp to ↑direction by half twisting for easy separation.
    To replace with new lamp, insert the lamp in the lamp socket and turn it to ↓direction by half twisting for easy assembling.
  • What is right use of nursing bottle sterilizer?
  • Shake water drops after wash nursing bottle (using detergent) and use the sterilizer with the nursing bottle stood vertically so that the inlet of the bottle direct to the lamp. Insert the nipple in the round ring of the upper shelf in reverse direction to sterilize inside the nipple completely.
  • There is unique smell after sterilization.
  • Unique sterilization smell is made when UV destroys oxygen in the air.
    The smell is reduced outstandingly when the service life of the lamp finishes because sterilizing power is weakened considerably.
    Some people may be sensitive to the smell depending on personal condition but most users do not experience inconvenience of the smell.
    If you feel uncomfortable with the smell, select deodorization and process ventilation/deodorization for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • How much is electricity charge per month?
  • About 150 won will cost based on 80W of power consumption and 30 minutes of operation a day.
    If you use auto-one time sterilization 3 to 4 times a day, the cost will be about 400 won excluding basic charge.
  • How can I clean the product?
  • Clean the outer part using damp clothes to remove spots or foreign substances and then eliminate the moisture using dry clothes.
    You need to clean inside at least once a month and in case there is water scale or foreign substances,
    adhere hot damp cloth to the contaminated part to soak and then finish using dry cloth. Or, you can distill water and vinegar in the ratio of 10 to 1 (10 drops of vinegar in a paper cup of water) to make spray for cleaning using the distilled water.
  • What is the difference in watt of UV lamp? Is the higher the better sterilizing?
  • W is power consumption rate not the amount of UV.
     The most important factors of sterilizer using UV are reflection rate and angle not W of the lamp.
     Our ECOMOM nursing bottle sterilizer has embossing on the surface of stainless to maximize reflection angle and that is the difference from other products.
  • How many nursing bottles can I store?
  • You can store up to 12 bottles of 120ml each in the middle shelf only.
    You can store 4 bottles more in the basket shelf by laying them but sterilization efficiency may be reduced if the bottles are lied down.
  • Power is not supplied. What should I do?
  • It is because of the problem with the fuse (1A) in the main PCB of the product.
    Please contact our technician for A/S.
  • What is the service life of LED lamp?
  • Life of LED lamp is semi-permanent.
     In case LED light is not on, contact our technician for A/S as the LED may have defect or problem with wiring.
  • Touch switch sensor does not recognize or time displaying timer is not accurate.
  • Please check if front door is closed as the safety sensor is installed in the front door.
    Problem with touch switch and timer may be caused by the fault of main PCB. Contact our technician for A/S.
  • The product is too hot when dries! What is drying temperature? I worry about environmental hormone.
  • The optimal temperature for reproduction of virus is 18 - 31°C.
    Our ECOMOM sterilizer performs air-heated dry using PTC heater when it dries stored items.
    Average inner temperature of air-heated dry is 50°C and inner/outer circulation is continued.
     Also, the disposal standard for environmental hormone is 55 -70°C which is no problem with the product.
    Outer part of the product may be getting hot according to the characteristics of PTC air-heated dry.